The growing of the small one

Its been a while since my last post…. been busy with my two little ones, but wanted to share to bump journey from 10 weeks though to newborn.



Living Arrows 11/52

Back again linking up with Iheartsnapping linky Living Arrows for week 11. I have missed a few weeks but hope to get back into the swing of things. 

With only just over a week left till my due date I wanted to add a pic of my little man and bump :0) Little man is so loving towards bump it really does melt my heart, he hugs kisses and cuddles him, sings and read stories and talks about all the things they are going to do together when he is born. If little man looks after baby as much as he has while in my tummy he is going to make an amazing big brother.



How different??

All along i have said that this pregnancy has been poles apart from my one with little man and it has got me thinking how different my labour, birth and newborn baby are going to be as well. I had a pretty easy time the whole way though till birth with the little man and hope that labour and birth will be the same this time.

Little mans pregnancy

Morning sickness = mild nausea.

Feeling tired = mild fatigue.

weeing a lot = never noticed any change in bathroom habits.

Food cravings = Water, eggs, ice-cream and chocolate (not together)

Pregnancy complications = small for dates, little man growth was very slow and stopped growing around 34 weeks,  Anemia.

Working during  = worked until i was 37 weeks without a sick day.

Movement = moved a lot in the evening and i would call in gentle movement

Little mans birth

I went into spontaneous labor on the 23rd march 2010 while at home in the early evening @39 weeks pregnant ( I had spent the previous day in pre-labour with very little pain) I stayed at home pottering about the house waiting for it to kick in. At about 3am i decided to start using a tens machine to help manage the pain. By 9am i had had 2 baths and found that the pain was a bit more than i could handle so called the hospital who said that i could go in to l&d to get checked out. I got to the hospital at about 11am was checked over and told i was 5cm and offered pain relief, I only really wanted to use Gas and air and opted for that. 3 hours and 20 mins later i was 10cm and ready to push. After another 2 hours and 14 mins of pushing @ 16:34 on the 24/03/2010 i finally got to meet my little man, and he was just perfect.

The other half cut the cord and placed little man on my chest for skin to skin and wasn’t long before he was feeding. After we had spend some time alone as a new family, little man was cleaned up, weighted, measured and dressed.

Weight = 2.67g / 5lb 15oz

Length = 47cm

Head circumference = 33cm

After a few hours, shower and dinner i was moved to a ward to stay the night, and the other half had to go home. Our first night went well little man was a good feeder and didn’t have a problem in latching on. The next day he saw the doctor for his newborn checks and all was fine. We were discharged in the early afternoon.

Little man

Health issues =   eczema (Which he still has now) allergic to suncream and a lot of bath products. Still very small in height and weight.

Likes = Cars, Transportation, cleaning, numbers, animals, chocolate

Dislikes  =  veg

My little man is a very loving child, he loves cuddles with mummy and daddy and likes to be close to us. He likes to be involved in everything that we a doing and helping when ever he can. He is a shy boy that will soon come out of his shell once he feels comfortable. He likes routine and is not over keen on change.



As i am still pregnant i cant comment on the on labour, birth and my newborn baby but i can compare my pregnancy, so here goes.

Bumps pregnancy

Morning sickness = HG Hyperemesis gravidarum

Feeling tired = exhausted

weeing a lot = All the time and at least 5 times in the night

Food cravings = anything with an orange flavor, ice lollys, tomato sauce

Pregnancy complications = small for dates all ready measuring 4 weeks behind, spd, headaches

Working during  = 8 weeks sick at the start due to hg, back to work until24 weeks then long term sick till mat leave on the 9th march due to spd.

Movement = moves all day and night that hurts, lots of pressure.



So my pregnancy is poles apart but i just hope that labour and birth will be like little mans. I hope that my new little boy will be healthy and happy :0)

**I plan to update this post once i have had baby so let see how different the rest will be** 











So much to do…

So I am now 33+3 days and the end is in sight :0)
Things are starting to come together and preparation for bumps arrival is underway. We still have a lot to do in the next 6 weeks it will keep us busy, but hopefully that will pass the time. I have perpared a list and just hope it all gets done before bump makes his appearance.


Although the list seems pretty short, it still a fair bit of work involved.  We are very lucky that we keep everything that we had for little man and will be using a fair bit again ie.. the swing, chair, toys ect all of the clothes need to be unboxed sorted though and rewashed, we will not be keeping all the clothes we have (as we plan to buy new as well) some will go to the local charity shop.

Once the nursery and hospital bags are done I will feel a lot more settled and “ready” for this new little man.

Just a note to finish on here is my bump progression between 30 and 33 weeks.


Thankyou for reading. X

A letter to bump

Dear baby

I can’t quite believe how big my tummy is getting. I am 30 weeks now and you are growing big and strong you currently weigh 2lb 14oz.  Your     eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very sharp, you can open them and turn towards light outside the place you call home. You have your very own unique set of fingerprints and I can feel when you have the hiccups.

You are a little mover and seem to spend most of the day and night wriggling around. I love that special time we share when its just you and me. I lay and stroke my tummy and you respond with a kick.   

Your brother love’s to read to you he does it often, he will then lay his head on my tummy waiting patiently for you to respond. He cant wait to meet you and wants to share all of his toys with you. I dream of the day we all get to meet you.

Little baby I love you so x

Mummy x


Fast forward 30 weeks…..

Morning my lovelys.

I must admit the passed 30 weeks have seemed to flown by. I have had ups and downs good days and bad. We found out on the 01 August 2013 that we were pregnant with our 2nd child after 2 years of trying, this was most defiantly a massive high. I expected that my pregnancy would be quite similar to my first ( really how different can it be?) but believe me they are worlds apart… I will say now my 1st pregnancy was a breeze.

By 6 weeks the morning sickness kicked in, by 10 weeks and unable to cope i visited the doctor as i just simple could not eat or drink. The doctor diagnosed me with Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) signed me off work for 6 weeks and gave me anti sickness meds. The HG settled down around the 17 weeks mark by which point i had lost a stone in weight. My high points in this time were my 12 week scan, seeing baby on that monitor knowing they are growing inside is beyond words. My other half also pop the question :0)

Image My growing bump between 12 and 17 weeks



Week 18 saw me going back to full time work and life pretty much went back to “normal”. Little man was back enjoying Pre-school, me and the other half was both working, running a home and  getting ready for Christmas. Week 20 saw us go for our 20 week scan, the other half wanted to know the sex of the baby, and it was not hard to see when the sonographer showed us the potty shot…. we are expecting another healthy little man :0) Me and the other half were over the moon. Shortly after week 20 i noticed that something was not quite right with my hips and pelvis, i spoke to the midwife about this who then sent  me to physiotherapy where i was diagnosed with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is most commonly associated with pregnancy and childbirth. It is a condition that causes excessive movement of the pubic symphysis) I tried to carry on as best as i could, but walking and getting a decent night sleep was becoming near impossible. By week 26 the doctor signed me off work for the rest of the pregnancy.




Week 28 saw me go for my first routine growth scan ( little man was a low birth weight baby) so they are keeping an eye on this one. According to the scan this little blue bump is a little under size and weight for the gestation but no real cause for concern.


I have hit the 30 week mark this week and things are becoming more of a struggle, most days i take little man to pre-school and see to the daily running of the home ie cooking, cleaning. My other half has been so supportive not only does he work full time he helps out as much as possible when i am in too much pain to do anything. We have a lot to do in the next 10 weeks to prepare for the arrival. Hospital bags need to be packed, the nursery needs to be finished and all of little mans baby things need to be brought out of storage and sorted.

I cant wait until the end of March when i get to meet this little man in my belly, to see his tiny toes and kiss his button nose. I am looking forward to the day where my two boys get to meet and we all get to make a lifetime of memories.

Thank you for reading and feel free to join me for the next 10 weeks and beyond ♥

New directions

Morning my lovelys

I have been thinking for a while now that i would like to take my blog to a more personal level. As you are all aware i love to craft and fit this around my family and work life ( which is soon to be growing.) I have decided to add parts of my family life to the blog, what me and little man get up too, life with a new baby and how i will still fit my love for crafting in.

I hope that you all like the direction that this blog will take and continue on my journey with me.