So much to do…

So I am now 33+3 days and the end is in sight :0)
Things are starting to come together and preparation for bumps arrival is underway. We still have a lot to do in the next 6 weeks it will keep us busy, but hopefully that will pass the time. I have perpared a list and just hope it all gets done before bump makes his appearance.


Although the list seems pretty short, it still a fair bit of work involved.  We are very lucky that we keep everything that we had for little man and will be using a fair bit again ie.. the swing, chair, toys ect all of the clothes need to be unboxed sorted though and rewashed, we will not be keeping all the clothes we have (as we plan to buy new as well) some will go to the local charity shop.

Once the nursery and hospital bags are done I will feel a lot more settled and “ready” for this new little man.

Just a note to finish on here is my bump progression between 30 and 33 weeks.


Thankyou for reading. X


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