7 month milestones

Its that time of the month, heres o’s 7 month update.



I am five months old

The small one is five months old today, it has gone so fast its unreal. It felt like yesterday i was holding him my arms as a newborn baby. For the past five months i has watched this amazing little fella develop and learn new things and its pure joy to watch.

So here is The small ones “i am five months old” milestone picture


If you have missed any of the small ones milestone updates you can catch up here with bump to baby.

Here with one month old

Here with two months old

Here with three months old

And here with four months old

Living-arrows 19/52

we tend to forget (not on purpose) when our little ones hit there milestones or what they liked from month to month.  The first year just flys and each month rolls into the next and before we know it our little ones are talking,  walking and celebrating there 1st birthday.  I have decided to do a photo project for the small one, 12 photos one a month along with his little milestones that he has reached. Here is his 1st month….