A letter to bump

Dear baby

I can’t quite believe how big my tummy is getting. I am 30 weeks now and you are growing big and strong you currently weigh 2lb 14oz.  Your     eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very sharp, you can open them and turn towards light outside the place you call home. You have your very own unique set of fingerprints and I can feel when you have the hiccups.

You are a little mover and seem to spend most of the day and night wriggling around. I love that special time we share when its just you and me. I lay and stroke my tummy and you respond with a kick.   

Your brother love’s to read to you he does it often, he will then lay his head on my tummy waiting patiently for you to respond. He cant wait to meet you and wants to share all of his toys with you. I dream of the day we all get to meet you.

Little baby I love you so x

Mummy x