4 month growth spurt…..

Its been one of them weeks,  the small one is going though his 4 months growth spurt. I don’t know if I am coming or going half the time and it feels like I have a newborn baby again that has completely lost his routine.

I can deal with the frequent feeding it feels productive,  he wants it and takes it. The grumpiness that have consumed my child is completely draining. He is no longer his happy content settled self.  He will not settle for longer than 10 mins by himself and I am constantly trying to entertain a baby that has no interest. This past week has been hard work, trying to settle the small one and spend time with little man. The house work has piled up and any “me” time is completely nonexistent. 

I have been lucky that the oh was on a week of early finishes from work so he has been around in the evenings to help out with dinners and bed times.

We are moving onto the second week and the small one is showing no improvement. The oh is now on a week of lates so I am worrying how I am going to cope with dinner, baths and bed, keeping a 4 year old entertain while helping the small one with his changes that the growth spurt is putting him though.

I have always let baby lead me so that’s my plan, continue to give the small one what he wants and hope that the growth spurt is nearly over.