Leaving gifts for the teachers.

My little man has just one more week left at nursery,  then after the summer holidays he will be going to school full time 😐 I am going to miss him like mad but know that he needs it and will thrive within the new environment.

This bring me onto the reason for my post, I wanted to share with you little mans leaving gifts to his two teachers. Now I love handmade and “different” I dont do the normal box of chocolates,  bottle of wine, but then I always worry that they will think our gifts are just a little weird.  I hope that this gifts will be keep as a memory of the year he spent with them and all they taught him. I spent some time with little man and made a list of all the things that he loves to do at school, what was his favourite thing to do and what he did each day. I then made them into a word cloud shaped like an apple, just for his teacher’s.

Here is part of the finished product. I really like them and just hope his two teachers do.



**I cropped out  parts of the apple as didn’t want the school name advertise**

All we need now are a couple of nice deep box frames to finish them off.