I am five months old

The small one is five months old today, it has gone so fast its unreal. It felt like yesterday i was holding him my arms as a newborn baby. For the past five months i has watched this amazing little fella develop and learn new things and its pure joy to watch.

So here is The small ones “i am five months old” milestone picture


If you have missed any of the small ones milestone updates you can catch up here with bump to baby.

Here with one month old

Here with two months old

Here with three months old

And here with four months old


A busy mum’s must haves #9 {my everyday style}

My everyday style is pretty simple really, as long as I’m clean and tidy I’m good. I like comfortably casual clothes. Skinny jeans are a stable in my wardrobe along with my Tom’s and converse. My top half normally consists of T’s, vests and oversized jumpers. My jewellery is basic, diamond stud earrings,  a crystal star necklace and my engagement ring. If I wear a watch it’s a bright jelly strap one. I love to paint my nail (when I get time) and prefer a bright, bold colour.

I don’t know what my style is “called” but its me :0) What is your everyday style?


living-arrows 34/52

We took a family trip to the zoo in the week, and little mans most favorite thing to do there is feed the Giraffe’s and elephant’s.  We took our place in line and waited till we got to the front and were given food. Little man held his hand out with the food on offer and laughed when the giraffe wrapped his long tongue around his treat and took it from his hand. The other half was just off to one side and managed to get this picture.


We’ve made a start.

This past weekend we spent in the garden.  Pulling weeds, digging out roots, turning soil, laying bark and generally making our garden safer and more attractive. Its needed doing since we brought the house 2 years ago but as the house needed a lot of work we concentrated inside.

I love spending time in the garden and have been looking forward to having a space outdoors that we can go sit, relax  and play as a family. The little man helped all weekend and loves his new little space.

We still have lots to do out there but we have made a great start and I am so pleased with our weekend efforts.  A flower bed needs to go in, the other side of the garden needs to be cleared and a shed put up, stones need to be layed and the top patio area needs some work. I have some great ideas that will bring the rest of the garden together and a few that we have keep quite from the little man in a hope to surprise him.

Our progress so far.




My wish list for the rest of the garden.


Do you like gardening?

Family time

The other half is off work for a few weeks, so we get to spend some well earned family time together with the children.  Earlier in the week we jumped in the car and headed to the coast. The morning was spent in the adventure playground we got little man an all day wrist band so he could ride on all the rides as many times as he wanted. As he is short I had to ride with him (for free) and we had a blast. 

After lunch we walked down the sea front and little man played in the water jets, he has a love for wa.ter and had an awesome time running in and out of the jets that would suddenly change hight and pressure. After getting dried and dresses we continued along to the sea life centre.  The small one was mesmerised by the tanks full of brightly coloured fish and coral. He especially loved the tunnel you walk though that makes you feel your under the sea. The little man loved the sharks and feeling the starfish he was amazed at how many feet it had and stood watching them move up and down.  A visit to the gift shop saw the end of the centres tour.

One thing left to do was spend some time on the beach playing in the sand. The little man loves to collect rocks, stones and shells in his little bucket and throw them back into the sea. He dug some big holes while collecting his finds and was so proud of them. Not all the shells were thrown in the sea, he keep a handful of his favourites and brought them home.

Our day was coming to and end and it was time to head home. Both boys had a great day and we loved spending time as a family.