The adventures of Bumble bear.

Meet Bumble…..


This is the little mans class bear, every weekend Bumble goes to stay at one of the children’s houses for an adventure. Last weekend was little mans turn and he was over the moon. Every Friday morning he would wonder aloud if he would be choosen to take Bumble home after school.

When i pick him up from school he came running out with a smile on his face holding that bear round its neck shouting “mummy we got Bumble” I was so happy for him, but now stood there wondering what we were going to do with bumble, we had to fill a scrapbook in with all our weekend adventures and it just happen to fall on the other halfs full weekend at work.

Little man did a fair bit with Bumble and enjoyed his weekend.  On friday after school we popped out to the toy shop where they both choose a toy which they played with when they came home. Saturday was an indoor rainy day full of playing, drawing and arts and crafts. Bumble took an afternoon nap with little mans baby brother. The evening was spend watching a film and snuggling down. On sunday morning we made a big chocolate slice for all of little mans class. once lunch was over and the other half was back from work, he took little man and bumble out to walk the dog.  We then spent a lot of time printing,  cutting and gluing all his work into the school scrap book.







Monday morning was soon here, so his chocolate slice,  scrapbook and Bumble was safely packed away ready to be returned to class.




Mixed emotions. …..

Mixed emotions today with it being little mans last day EVER at nursery.  I am sad  because its hit me that my little boy is growing up and will soon be at full time school. I am relieved because I get to turn that alarm off for the next 6 weeks. I am proud of the progression he has made since the start of his school journey.  I am worried that my little man will get lost among the “big kids” when he goes back in September. I am excited for the summer and the time we get together. I am  anxious about the new school term and little mans settling period.  I am happy that he knows the school well. I am pleased all of his friends are in the same new class as him. I am confident that he will do the best he can, have fun and enjoy the next step in his school venture.

So for now we say goodbye to the two wonderful teachers that have taught  and guided him for the passed 15 months, enjoy the summer and wait to see what September brings.


His growing up!

Little man has just two more nursery sessions left ( tomorrow being a leaving party) He has changed so much in the past 15 months and I am so proud of his progression in all aspects.  When he first started in April 2013 he was a shy little boy and I was so worried that he would get upset about going but he proved me wrong. He loved it from day one, he has made a lot of friends that will be going into reception class with him in September and he is looking forward to having “his lunch” at school. I am so proud of my clever,  funny, outgoing, cheeky (sometimes naughty) little man.


Sports day.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue…. absolutely perfect weather for the little ones sports day. Morning nursery was cancelled and we all had to make our way to school at 10am with sunhat, water bottle and suncream applied. The chairs and mats were set out either side of the race track,  we made our way over to find some chairs in the shade of a big tree as the small one needed to stay cool. The rest of the school soon joined us to cheer the nursery on.

Little man ran 5 races (one with mummy), all in the theme of the worldcup.

* Race to buy a ticket.

*Pack your belongings to fly to Brazil.

*Get ready for the match – pick up your ticket, hat and flag.

*After two games, all we have left is our dreams – score the goal that england failed to do. This was the parent/child race. Mummy had to dribble the ball around the cones and pass to little man who takes a penalty, he shoots he scores… we win.

*Fly Home

Little man had a blast and loved taking part in all his races. While he was not running his race he stood on the side line cheering his friends on. After all the races were complete each child got there own certificate to take home and keep.

while the kids played and parents chatted, fresh fruit,  crackers and jucie were served as a  refreshment. The morning was nearly up and was time to make our way home. The little man skipping along with a smile on his face shouting “I love sports day”



Thanks for reading.

Leaving gifts for the teachers.

My little man has just one more week left at nursery,  then after the summer holidays he will be going to school full time 😐 I am going to miss him like mad but know that he needs it and will thrive within the new environment.

This bring me onto the reason for my post, I wanted to share with you little mans leaving gifts to his two teachers. Now I love handmade and “different” I dont do the normal box of chocolates,  bottle of wine, but then I always worry that they will think our gifts are just a little weird.  I hope that this gifts will be keep as a memory of the year he spent with them and all they taught him. I spent some time with little man and made a list of all the things that he loves to do at school, what was his favourite thing to do and what he did each day. I then made them into a word cloud shaped like an apple, just for his teacher’s.

Here is part of the finished product. I really like them and just hope his two teachers do.



**I cropped out  parts of the apple as didn’t want the school name advertise**

All we need now are a couple of nice deep box frames to finish them off.

Little mans toy picnic.

We were told last week that little mans
class was to hold a toy picnic (9th May) we were to come back to school (after the 9 o’clock drop off)  @10.30am with a picnic lunch and a toy that little man wanted to play with. With the small one in tow I set off back up to the school to join in the fun with little man and his friends. I got half way up the road  before I remembered  i forgot the toy little man had choosen (mad dash back to get it)

Mats had been set up over the garden for people to sit on and talk with other mums / dad’s and children while we all had our picnic lunch. The children run about playing with each other and the outdoor toys. It was lovely to see little man interact with his class friends. After we had finished eating and playing little man wanted to show me his development folder and work that he had done over the pass year, I was so proud looking though it and could really see the progress he was making. He then took me round his class showing me all the toys and activities that he liked to do.

He soon went back off to play outside with his friends on the slide, and I stood there watching him thinking wheres my little boy gone, his grown up so fast, It really hit home seeing him in the school environment. After saying goodbye to his friends we made the short trip home, talking about the morning we had shared, then I felt him grab my hand and he held it the rest of the way home….. he was still my baby :0)

A phone call……..

It was a normal Monday morning and we were up by 7am to get ready for school, Breakfast was eaten we were washed, dressed and a few cartoons on for little man. We were out the door by 8.30 wellies on umbrella up and on our way.


So school run complete i was back home by 9.10am feet up and having a brew. The phone starts to ring i look at the number and its the school…… my first thought was they never ring, whats happen. I answered the phone and it was the school receptionist informing me that little man had had as accident. 

“Hello is that (insert name) mum?”


“This is the receptionist from the school, just phoning to let you know that (inserts name) has had a accident. From what i can understand he had hit his head on the sand table just under his eye and has marked and started to swell”

“oh ok i will come down and get him now”

“There is no need for that, we will keep an eye on him and if he takes a turn for the worse i will ring back, we just wanted to inform you that he has banged his head”

“Ok thank you, is he ok in himself tho?”

“Yes he has gone back to class and playing again”

“Thank you”




I hung up the phone worrying how my little man was, how bad his eye and face was if he had cried a lot and if he had received any comfort and cuddles after. Preschool was nearly up but my hat, coat, gloves and umbrella was ready slightly earlier than normal i wanted to inspect the damage and of course give my little man a big cuddle and tell him what a brave little boy he had been. What i saw was not what i expected, i expected a puffy little face and a black eye. He came out displaying his sticker he had got big smile on his face and a tiny little bruise on the side of his cheek… PHEW his was fine :0) On the way home he told me that he slipped on some sand on the floor and hit his face on the sand table  on the way down, He said that it hurt a lot and cried…. but his fine now.

I really appreciate and understand why the school phoned, but goodness was i worried i thought it was going to be so much worse than it was and all i wanted was MY little man on MY lap  so I could give him a cuddle. I think that i am going to have to get use to him growing up.