We’ve made a start.

This past weekend we spent in the garden.  Pulling weeds, digging out roots, turning soil, laying bark and generally making our garden safer and more attractive. Its needed doing since we brought the house 2 years ago but as the house needed a lot of work we concentrated inside.

I love spending time in the garden and have been looking forward to having a space outdoors that we can go sit, relax  and play as a family. The little man helped all weekend and loves his new little space.

We still have lots to do out there but we have made a great start and I am so pleased with our weekend efforts.  A flower bed needs to go in, the other side of the garden needs to be cleared and a shed put up, stones need to be layed and the top patio area needs some work. I have some great ideas that will bring the rest of the garden together and a few that we have keep quite from the little man in a hope to surprise him.

Our progress so far.




My wish list for the rest of the garden.


Do you like gardening?


A busy mums must haves #4 {lazy days at home}

When we spend a lazy day at home I make no effort what so ever and love it. As long as I clean and comfortable I’m ok.

My goto items for a lazy day are a vest top, comfy pants/pj bottoms and either slippers or bare feet. My hair is tie up high on my head out the way.  I don’t get many lazy days at home now but when they come round I love them.


Do you like a lazy day?