Living-arrows 19/52

we tend to forget (not on purpose) when our little ones hit there milestones or what they liked from month to month.  The first year just flys and each month rolls into the next and before we know it our little ones are talking,  walking and celebrating there 1st birthday.  I have decided to do a photo project for the small one, 12 photos one a month along with his little milestones that he has reached. Here is his 1st month….



Visual stimulation.

newborns find most things black and white very interesting. I have shown the small one black and white picture books and he loved it. I downloaded an app for my phone, black and white images flash up and change every 3 seconds. As I didn’t fancy holding my phone in front of his eyes I connected it to the tv and played the app and he loved it. He sat in his chair and just watched, not only did I get to get on and do a few jobs the small one got some Visual stimulation. Little man was unimpressed and I quote ” didn’t want to watch baby tv”


Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat

3 weeks in and things are beginning to settle down around our house.  The visitors have been and gone, the other half is now back to work and little man is back to pre-school tomorrow. Being a mummy to two is a lot easier than I thought it would be, the small one just seems to “fit”. He has started to get into his own little routine of eating every 3 hours with sleeping and pooping inbetween.  He has a awake period in the morning for a while and then again about 10pm, I love this time as we get to have a little play and get to know one another. Apart from that our days are filled with Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat! !!

A little look at part of the small ones day. oh the joys of being a new-born :0)