A family day – seaside fun

We don’t get much family time with the other half working shift, so when he got two rest days together a few weeks back and the weather being so lovely, we decided that a day at the beach was needed.  We pack the car up bright and early and got going. We are very luckily to live near to the coast and took less than a hour to get there.

Little man was in his element and wanted to do everything at once.  First stop was the beach, as we were there early it was still pretty quiet, so spend a while running back and forth too the sea. He then pulled from his pocket a little toy gold coin (which he sneaked from home) and declared  it was treasure and started to hide it in the sand to dig back up again. This little game went on for some time. I just sat there watching him have so much fun.

It was soon lunch time so we found a lovely little cafe and had our fill. The afternoon was spend seeking out the rides, amusements and seaside attractions.  It was all finished off with a big icecream while we walked back to the car. It wasn’t long before little man had fall asleep and we were home. We all had a great day and can’t wait for our next family outing.



Thanks for reading x