A busy mums must haves #10 {boys leggings}

I have fallen in love with the boys legging range from the shop baby zara. We have a fair few pairs already but I would buy the whole collection if i could. Little O looks so comfortable in them and i just love the prints and pattens. I normally team them with either a long sleeve vest or a funky little t shirt.  These are definitely a winter staple in his wardrobe.


What style baby clothes do you just love?

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And so it begins. …..

The small one is now 6 months old, and this past week we have started to introduce food!! he loves it, the new tastes and textures and he really seems to enjoy being part of meal time.

We decided to do baby lead weaning as he is quite independent and has very good hand to mouth skills. So far he has munched on Apple, Mango, carrot,  sweet potato, cucumber,  broccoli and he stole a Yorkshire pudding for my plate!!

I don’t think he has a favourite food, he just loves it.





Happy Saturday! !

Wanted to wish you all a happy weekend :mrgreen: I woke up to this, this morning and its the perfect way to start a day.


We are not up to much over the next few day, the other half is working so me and the boys will spend most of it at home. I need to do some general house work, but apart from that we will be playing in the garden,  watching dvds and enjoying each others company. 

What are you all up to this weekend?  whatever it is have fun!!

A busy mums must haves #7 {small ones best buys}

Some of the items I have had since my little man was a baby, and the small one has used them all but one ( the high chair)

Again I cant fault any of them and both boys have loved them. My top number 1 on my list is the swing,  I couldn’t be without it. I have been lucky that neither child became dependent on it. My next would be the jumperoo, it gives me 5 mins to pop and make a tea.

I added the highchair in even tho the small one has not used it because I remember that the all plastic wipe clean chair was fantastic when I was weaning the little man. And when it got really dirty it fitted in the shower.

So here they are…


*I have purchased all this items and the view and opinions are my own – this is not an advertisement post

A busy mum’s must haves #6 {The small ones summer wardrobe}

Its been so hot lately that half of the small ones wardrobe has gone untouched.  He has been living in vests, sleepsuits and on really hot days just a nappy.  There are some truly adorable little boys outfits that are great and practical for the hot weather.  Soft fabrics amd cool prints it what I love, so here is a little look at what the small one has been wearing over the summer.