Some Thing I love #3


Popping back  to do the Some thing I love linky with butwhymummywhy.  

So what have i been loving this week….

Something I read: We are looking to book our 2014 summer holidays soon, so i have been reading a lot of reviews on kid friendly hotels. It has made me want to go away now.

Some thing I watched: OK so this week i having been watching the pet bearded dragon, she is due to lay her 2nd clutch off egg and has been digging for the last few days. We like to keep an eye out so we can get the eggs out asap and in the incubator.

Some thing I wore:  I have a Mockingjay pin on my work jacket, i forget its there most of the time and its not until someone comments on it that i look down and see it. I either get ooohh that’s cool where did you get it?  or whats that for?


Some thing i listened to: I dropped little man off at the mother in laws on Saturday so i could go to work. I walk in to this song playing on the radio, It made me want to go home and dig the album out. I have grown up with it ( my mum used to play it) and still love it now.

Some thing i can’t live without: My sofa  blanket, i use one all year round, i am just not comfortable without one. The only time it goes away is when i have guests.

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Some things that I love.. #2

So i am back to do my second linky with butwhymummywhy, here are somethings i loved this week.

Something I read: Little man brings a book home from school at least 3 times a week, it nice because it makes a change from the same bedtime stories that come from his own collection. This week we had “Fergus in the park”

Some thing I watched: As you will soon realize i don’t actually watch that much TV, it is on a lot of the day  but i don’t watch anything from start to finish. Sunday evening we put the film Madagascar on for little man, and we both sat on the sofa cuddle up and watched it all :0)

Some thing I wore: I made myself a pretty little hair bow attached to a clippie that i have wore in my hair a few times this week.


Some thing I listened to: I walk in from work on Sunday afternoon to the Mr decorating the hallway, he had the iPod in the docking station to this song playing. we have such a mix of music on their it was nice to hear a song that I have not listened to in a while.

Some thing I cannot live without: That first morning hit of caffeine…. I don’t think that i could function without that cup of coffee.

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How Can It Be

Another little linky I saw was this, How Can It Be, hosted by mummy hearts you. So this is what I got up to in May!

  1. Little man settled in to school well
  2. We got a kitten that little named cat
  3. I made some bows
  4. I had a weeks holiday from work
  5. Took little man to Eynsford river for a play and picnicghghfu
  6. The bearded dragons have laid eggs and have fertilised
  7. I went on a little shopping spree
  8. I turned 31
  9. Little man got bit at school 😦
  10. The mr managed to get some fishing trips in
  11. I only managed to see my sister once
  12. I sold a few items
  13. I thought of a few new projects
  14. I bought a plant
  15. I spent a lot of time in hobby craft
  16. I leant a new skill at work
  17. We bought little man some new shoes
  18. Little man has made some new friends at school
  19. Preparations began for decorating the hallway
  20. We saw lots of sunny spells
  21. We saw lots of cold spells
  22. The little man has been doing well in sleeping in his own bed
  23. Had some sad news
  24. Bought little man a android tablet which he loves, and it gives me my phone back!
  25. Little man is so small I had to order his uniform online
  26. Little man is rather artistic and I need to purchase a folder to put all his lovely artwork he brings home form school in
  27. I sold some shares
  28. Ive officially been a home owner for a year!
  29. Little man has missed his cousin
  30. I received a wedding invite
  31. We seem to be on a winning streak with the little mans eczma

If you want to find out more info on this linky then head over to mummy hearts you and read about it here Grab her badge and join in!

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Some Thing I love #1

Ive seen this new linky that I thought would be fun too join in with hosted by butwhymummywhy. I am going to try my hardest to keep up with it once a week, but working funny shifts is sometimes hard to keep the blog up to date, but this may give me the push to do just that! So here is my first Some Thing I love…

Something I read: I have re-started the old favourite of Lord Of The Rings. I am quarter of the way through. I love the books and the films and I am always a sucker to going back to them.

Some thing I watched: What with it being half term and it tying in with a week of my late shifts the mornings have been tied down with the little man watching Nick Jr a lot whilst I have been busy getting things ready for work.

Some thing I wore: My new Toms… I love…


Some thing I listened to: The radio plays at work and this song get played alot, and gets stuck in my head, and I find it annoying! so here it is just for you

Some thing I cannot live without: I suffer from Fibromyalgia and its flared up recently, so this week I cannot live without painkillers!
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