How Can It Be

Another little linky I saw was this, How Can It Be, hosted by mummy hearts you. So this is what I got up to in May!

  1. Little man settled in to school well
  2. We got a kitten that little named cat
  3. I made some bows
  4. I had a weeks holiday from work
  5. Took little man to Eynsford river for a play and picnicghghfu
  6. The bearded dragons have laid eggs and have fertilised
  7. I went on a little shopping spree
  8. I turned 31
  9. Little man got bit at school 😦
  10. The mr managed to get some fishing trips in
  11. I only managed to see my sister once
  12. I sold a few items
  13. I thought of a few new projects
  14. I bought a plant
  15. I spent a lot of time in hobby craft
  16. I leant a new skill at work
  17. We bought little man some new shoes
  18. Little man has made some new friends at school
  19. Preparations began for decorating the hallway
  20. We saw lots of sunny spells
  21. We saw lots of cold spells
  22. The little man has been doing well in sleeping in his own bed
  23. Had some sad news
  24. Bought little man a android tablet which he loves, and it gives me my phone back!
  25. Little man is so small I had to order his uniform online
  26. Little man is rather artistic and I need to purchase a folder to put all his lovely artwork he brings home form school in
  27. I sold some shares
  28. Ive officially been a home owner for a year!
  29. Little man has missed his cousin
  30. I received a wedding invite
  31. We seem to be on a winning streak with the little mans eczma

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