Living-arrows 37/52

This is the happy little face that greets me every morning. He is so content and never in a rush to get up (unlike his big brother). He squeals and chats, kicks and rolls, his always happy to welcome a new day. The smile that fills his face when i pop my head round his door is one of the best starts to any day.




Happy Saturday! !

Wanted to wish you all a happy weekend :mrgreen: I woke up to this, this morning and its the perfect way to start a day.


We are not up to much over the next few day, the other half is working so me and the boys will spend most of it at home. I need to do some general house work, but apart from that we will be playing in the garden,  watching dvds and enjoying each others company. 

What are you all up to this weekend?  whatever it is have fun!!

I think I’ve caught the bug….

So the other day i decided i wanted to try the craft paper cutting, i have always liked the finished product and wanted something to do onces the boys were in bed. I decided to start with something simple and choose Rapunzel and the tower. I was happy with the finished product and when little man saw it he said “mummy can you do me a spiderman please”

So today i cut him a spiderman,  Hulk, Batman and Thor. He absolutely loved them. We just need to back them on coloured card and frame in some nice deep box frames ready to be hung on his bedroom wall.

I think i have caught the paper cutting bug!!


Here is my first attempt of paper cutting…. Rapunzel and the tower.


I am five months old

The small one is five months old today, it has gone so fast its unreal. It felt like yesterday i was holding him my arms as a newborn baby. For the past five months i has watched this amazing little fella develop and learn new things and its pure joy to watch.

So here is The small ones “i am five months old” milestone picture


If you have missed any of the small ones milestone updates you can catch up here with bump to baby.

Here with one month old

Here with two months old

Here with three months old

And here with four months old

A busy mum’s must haves #9 {my everyday style}

My everyday style is pretty simple really, as long as I’m clean and tidy I’m good. I like comfortably casual clothes. Skinny jeans are a stable in my wardrobe along with my Tom’s and converse. My top half normally consists of T’s, vests and oversized jumpers. My jewellery is basic, diamond stud earrings,  a crystal star necklace and my engagement ring. If I wear a watch it’s a bright jelly strap one. I love to paint my nail (when I get time) and prefer a bright, bold colour.

I don’t know what my style is “called” but its me :0) What is your everyday style?