Family time

The other half is off work for a few weeks, so we get to spend some well earned family time together with the children.  Earlier in the week we jumped in the car and headed to the coast. The morning was spent in the adventure playground we got little man an all day wrist band so he could ride on all the rides as many times as he wanted. As he is short I had to ride with him (for free) and we had a blast. 

After lunch we walked down the sea front and little man played in the water jets, he has a love for wa.ter and had an awesome time running in and out of the jets that would suddenly change hight and pressure. After getting dried and dresses we continued along to the sea life centre.  The small one was mesmerised by the tanks full of brightly coloured fish and coral. He especially loved the tunnel you walk though that makes you feel your under the sea. The little man loved the sharks and feeling the starfish he was amazed at how many feet it had and stood watching them move up and down.  A visit to the gift shop saw the end of the centres tour.

One thing left to do was spend some time on the beach playing in the sand. The little man loves to collect rocks, stones and shells in his little bucket and throw them back into the sea. He dug some big holes while collecting his finds and was so proud of them. Not all the shells were thrown in the sea, he keep a handful of his favourites and brought them home.

Our day was coming to and end and it was time to head home. Both boys had a great day and we loved spending time as a family.





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