living-arrows 31/52

Back again with this weeks living-arrows picture.

Don’t you find that some of the best and most treasured pictures are the ones that you take spur of the moment, no set up or intention.  The little man loves to cuddle his little brother and the small one laps up the attention shown. He always has a smile for his big brother and there relationship is special and unique already.

I have two pictures this week that I love that shows there relationship perfectly,  so here they are :0)




12 thoughts on “living-arrows 31/52

  1. Gorgeous photos, isn’t it amazing watching your babies interact! I loved these moments when my youngest had tummy time and it only gets better…my two girls are now just four and almost two. I love the more candid shots too! x Dre

    • Thank you, it certainly is. I was so worried when pregnant that jack would show no interest or feel put out with a new baby, but he has be so loving and caring from day one. He tells Oscar every day that “your my best friend” x

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