The dreaded doctor’s trip.

Thank goodness thats over, well at least till his 1. We have just got back from a visit to the doctor’s. … the small one has just had his 16 week jabs.  We both hate them, the poor wee man howls in pain when the needles go in and I just hold he close and stroke his face trying to calm him down, only to have the process repeated on the other leg. He has been the same on his 8 and 12 week too.

The crying didn’t stop today until I got him home and he finally fell asleep on me sobbing. I know they are for his benefit, but all he understands is they hurt and mummy didn’t stop it. It makes me feel terrible when he is looking it my eyes crying. Can a child of his age “think” and “question” why his mummy has let that happen?


His now sound asleep, and when he wakes the cuddles are waiting.


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