picnic & play

Today we arranged a family picnic and play session at the local Country park, myself, two sisters ( 7 kids between us) and nanny &grandad all pack a bring and share lunch and headed to the park for noon. We managed to get a couple of benches among the green to all fit around and eat. All the food was laid out and we helped ourselves. While we were eating lots of inflatable were being put up and the kids really wanted to go on them. Off I trot to find out a price, (being unexpected we didn’t have a lot of money on us) we work out that we could  let the kids choose one inflatable each and have a turn. We explained to the kids that they could have a turn on one but we were going in the play park first. 

We found a shaded spot under a big tree to lay out the blankets and took it in turns to watch the kids  ( 5 adults watching 7 kids and we were all slightly stressed after it) Little mans favourite thing to play on is the “big dark roundy slide” he just goes on it over and over and never gets bored.  The day was soon  coming to an end so we rallied all the kids up and told them to go choose the “bouncy” they wanted to play on. Little man choose the big inflatable slide (no surprise there) along with a few of his cousins.  He got 4 turns on it and loved the next more than the last, he had a blast wizzing down.

Before heading home we stopped at the cafe and all got icecream. It was a lovely family day out, the weather was fantastic,  and the kids had a blast.





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