Sports day.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue…. absolutely perfect weather for the little ones sports day. Morning nursery was cancelled and we all had to make our way to school at 10am with sunhat, water bottle and suncream applied. The chairs and mats were set out either side of the race track,  we made our way over to find some chairs in the shade of a big tree as the small one needed to stay cool. The rest of the school soon joined us to cheer the nursery on.

Little man ran 5 races (one with mummy), all in the theme of the worldcup.

* Race to buy a ticket.

*Pack your belongings to fly to Brazil.

*Get ready for the match – pick up your ticket, hat and flag.

*After two games, all we have left is our dreams – score the goal that england failed to do. This was the parent/child race. Mummy had to dribble the ball around the cones and pass to little man who takes a penalty, he shoots he scores… we win.

*Fly Home

Little man had a blast and loved taking part in all his races. While he was not running his race he stood on the side line cheering his friends on. After all the races were complete each child got there own certificate to take home and keep.

while the kids played and parents chatted, fresh fruit,  crackers and jucie were served as a  refreshment. The morning was nearly up and was time to make our way home. The little man skipping along with a smile on his face shouting “I love sports day”



Thanks for reading.


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