Living-arrows 19/52

we tend to forget (not on purpose) when our little ones hit there milestones or what they liked from month to month.  The first year just flys and each month rolls into the next and before we know it our little ones are talking,  walking and celebrating there 1st birthday.  I have decided to do a photo project for the small one, 12 photos one a month along with his little milestones that he has reached. Here is his 1st month….



7 thoughts on “Living-arrows 19/52

    • I have a four year old as well, and never did anything like this and so wish I had. He has a birth box, with lots of things written down, but nothing visual. Thinking of doing time capsules for them both that can be opened on there 21st birthday, with lots of things that happened in there 1st year ie current affairs, news, fashion trends.

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