Little mans toy picnic.

We were told last week that little mans
class was to hold a toy picnic (9th May) we were to come back to school (after the 9 o’clock drop off)  @10.30am with a picnic lunch and a toy that little man wanted to play with. With the small one in tow I set off back up to the school to join in the fun with little man and his friends. I got half way up the road  before I remembered  i forgot the toy little man had choosen (mad dash back to get it)

Mats had been set up over the garden for people to sit on and talk with other mums / dad’s and children while we all had our picnic lunch. The children run about playing with each other and the outdoor toys. It was lovely to see little man interact with his class friends. After we had finished eating and playing little man wanted to show me his development folder and work that he had done over the pass year, I was so proud looking though it and could really see the progress he was making. He then took me round his class showing me all the toys and activities that he liked to do.

He soon went back off to play outside with his friends on the slide, and I stood there watching him thinking wheres my little boy gone, his grown up so fast, It really hit home seeing him in the school environment. After saying goodbye to his friends we made the short trip home, talking about the morning we had shared, then I felt him grab my hand and he held it the rest of the way home….. he was still my baby :0)


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