Family fun in the kichen.

The Other half had to work all of the bank holiday weekend so getting out and about with the boys as a family just did not happen. We decided to do some fun things at home with little man. We popped to the local shop to stock up on food supplies to make our own home made pizzas (something that little man has never done). He choose his own base and toppings putting them all in the basket as we walked around.

Once home the fun began, we set up all the toppings along the breakfast bar and little man got started. He was so precise in placing each and every topping and took great care in placing them on the base. When he was finished the pizza went in the oven for 10-12 mins so not that long for him to wait. He was constantly checking and asking if it was nearly done. Soon the time came to plate up and eat. Little man was so proud of his little creation and enjoyed every bite.



What fun things to you like to do at home with the little ones?



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