living-arrows 18/52

Our first day trip out as a family of 4 was a success.  We took a trip to the local farm, not only did they have animals  that the little man could feed, there was a train ride and tractor ride around different parts of the farm a soft play area, a birds of prey display and a craft village along with cafes and tea rooms. Little man loved everything about the place, he loved the animals and really enjoyed feeding them but most of all he loved the soft play area and we did have some difficulties getting him out at the end of the day.

This weeks picture is of the little man feeding the animals,  he showed no fear   moving from one to another making sure they all had some.



4 thoughts on “living-arrows 18/52

    • Haha, with each sheep he feed he said ” its so lovely isn’t it mummy do you want a go” I smiled at him and said “oh no you do it theres not much food left”. I didn’t want to tell him I just like to look ; 0)

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