The small persons birth story.

Sunday the 30th March at 40+3 I went to bed as normal about 11pm. At 02.12 on the 31st I was woken up with a massive contraction that put me on my hands and knees mooing like a cow. I got up too use the loo and got back in bed. Another contraction hit about 7 minutes later that woke the OH up, once it had passed I told him that I needed to get to the hospital, his response was “how many have you had” I answered “just the two” oh we have a while then I’ll put the kettle on. With my head in the pillow trying not to wake ds I told him we needed to call my sister to collect ds and get to the hospital ASAP.
I called my sister and hospital while the OH had his coffee and got ds out of bed. At around 04.15 and many stops between the car park and birthing centre with me shouting I need to push we arrived and were put in the assessment room. A midwife popped in introduced herself and said that if it was alright with me could she finish feeding a new-born baby and would be about 15mins, I said ok but could I have some gas and air till she got back, she said no that I needed to be examined first and would be as quick as she could. By the time she came back I was contracting every 3 minutes and was finally handed the gas and air. I was examined and told that I was 8cm and asked if I wanted to use the pool to which I said yes. Within about 15 minutes I was in the water with the gas and air back. At 6am I could feel the head crowning and was told to just go with it, after a few good pushes the midwife broke my waters as they were still intact and stopping his head from coming down. At 06.27 Oscar was born in water, where I lifted him up on my chest. He was just perfect and looked exactly like his big brother. Daddy had cuddles while I was moved to the bed to deliver the placenta and get checked over. I need stiches for a tear and as with ds1 birth this was the worst part for me, I complete broke down and could not stand the pain, I had more gas and air than during labour. Skin to skin was had and breastfeeding was started, after Oscars new-born checks were complete we were move to a postnatal bed to await discharge. I was back home by 3pm the same day.
Oscar is a very laid back little boy he eats every 3 hours, sleeps and settles well, breastfeeding is going well and his big brother has been brilliant with him.




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