Too young?……

My little man has been going to pre-school for about 9 months now, he absolutely loves it and has made lots of new little friends. In the last nine months I have watched my little man learn and grow he is no longer that shy little boy that would not leave my side and cling to my leg at birthday partys and play dates with other children. He comes home each day normally with a new piece of artwork  for the wall and will tell me with much excitement what and who he has played with and what snack he has eaten.

Over the last few weeks he has been issued with his very own folder to bring home, every few days new pieces of homework are put in it. At first I was a little shocked. .. what 3 year old does homework? But I shouldn’t of been worried or shocked, he loves home work days and is learning all the skills he needs to go up to “big” school.


Thank you for reading ♡


One thought on “Too young?……

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m expecting my first child and have worked quite a bit in childcare in my past, and the topic of homework for preschool can definitely raise some questions. You make a great point though, it can certainly provide children with some tangible skills that they will need later on. Thanks for the post! I just got my blog up and going and would love for you to check it out.

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