Sunday stroll

Little man was in desperate need of some fresh air and a good old fashion run about this morning, so off we went to the local country park with his new bike and the dog too see wot we could find.

The weather was bright, dry and cold (my perfect winters day.) It was quite busy with children playing in the play area, bird watchers, dog walkers and families generally making the most of the weather.

We made our way up one of the many footpaths to see where it would take us…


Little man loved his bike, I was a little concerned with the nosie it makes and worried we were disturbing others  on there peaceful Sundays walks.



We did full circle on the footpath and ended up where we started. We then headed in the direction of the marshes which has a great educational trail to follow.


Learning about different rock types, plants, wildlife and there habitat. When little man is a bit older its a great place for him to learn while having fun.

We was not out long, but enough to feel the benefit of the fresh air.



Once we got home it was Sunday afternoon family film time with a hot cup of coco :0)


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