Some Thing I love #3


Popping back  to do the Some thing I love linky with butwhymummywhy.  

So what have i been loving this week….

Something I read: We are looking to book our 2014 summer holidays soon, so i have been reading a lot of reviews on kid friendly hotels. It has made me want to go away now.

Some thing I watched: OK so this week i having been watching the pet bearded dragon, she is due to lay her 2nd clutch off egg and has been digging for the last few days. We like to keep an eye out so we can get the eggs out asap and in the incubator.

Some thing I wore:  I have a Mockingjay pin on my work jacket, i forget its there most of the time and its not until someone comments on it that i look down and see it. I either get ooohh that’s cool where did you get it?  or whats that for?


Some thing i listened to: I dropped little man off at the mother in laws on Saturday so i could go to work. I walk in to this song playing on the radio, It made me want to go home and dig the album out. I have grown up with it ( my mum used to play it) and still love it now.

Some thing i can’t live without: My sofa  blanket, i use one all year round, i am just not comfortable without one. The only time it goes away is when i have guests.

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