Some things that I love.. #2

So i am back to do my second linky with butwhymummywhy, here are somethings i loved this week.

Something I read: Little man brings a book home from school at least 3 times a week, it nice because it makes a change from the same bedtime stories that come from his own collection. This week we had “Fergus in the park”

Some thing I watched: As you will soon realize i don’t actually watch that much TV, it is on a lot of the day  but i don’t watch anything from start to finish. Sunday evening we put the film Madagascar on for little man, and we both sat on the sofa cuddle up and watched it all :0)

Some thing I wore: I made myself a pretty little hair bow attached to a clippie that i have wore in my hair a few times this week.


Some thing I listened to: I walk in from work on Sunday afternoon to the Mr decorating the hallway, he had the iPod in the docking station to this song playing. we have such a mix of music on their it was nice to hear a song that I have not listened to in a while.

Some thing I cannot live without: That first morning hit of caffeine…. I don’t think that i could function without that cup of coffee.

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2 thoughts on “Some things that I love.. #2

  1. I can’t wait for Moo to start school so she has access to their library, will be so much easier than the trek to the local one, the parking their is atrocious!

    I love that song! x

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