How too….. Felt bows

Hello and welcome to my second tutorial, i hope you enjoy it as much as the first. So today i am going to talk you though how i made one of my hair bows for my new range “Bella”

What you will need….


  1. Felt
  2. gluegun
  3. cotton
  4. scissors
  5. tape measure

To start the felt bow cut 2 pieces of felt  1in x 4in and 1in x 3in, a 3rd piece is need but i did this by eye (please see pic). Take the 3in piece of felt and fold in half length ways cut into the fold from the corner to make the “tails” of the bow


Take the 4in piece of felt and put a dab of glue at one end bringing the other end to meet it to form a circle.


Now take a length of cotton and feed under the circle bringing it back over the top to tie a knot, making sure that you pull the felt together in the middle. don’t worry to much if it looks untidy you can rearrange the bow at any point.


Now take the piece of felt that you cut the tails into and place under the “bow”, feed the cotton back under and tie another knot making sure to pinch together both pieces of felt. Once you are happy cut away any cotton.

Take the last piece of felt put a dab of glue on it and fix to the back of the bow in the center


Wrap the strip of felt all the way round the front of the bow and again fixing at the back with a little bit more glue.


This little bows are super cute and can be attached to a clippie, baby soft headband, aliceband or hair bobble. I hope that you enjoyed and i will leave you with a few others that i have been making. Oh and if you would like to check out my other ranges pop along to my Facebook  page to have a look.




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